Speaker's Fee

My experience has proven that there is no one-size-fits-all fee in the world of conferences and special events, each with its own set of unique variable. My intention is two-fold: 1) that your event is successful and prosperous and 2) that my costs and creative expertise be sufficiently compensated. Therefore, I have chosen to, rather than working through a speaker's bureau, consider a stipend that is within your organization's operating budget. This amount should be commensurate with keynoters and professional speakers paid at previous conferences and which reflects anticipated size and scope of the gathering. I will thoughtfully consider any offer in good faith, which operates out of the principle of The Golden Rule. I consider it a win-win to partner with those who are interested in doing their very best for me, as I do my very best for them.

Travel Costs

In addition to speaker stipend, I also request travel reimbursement which includes all expenses incurred by me for round-trip travel from my home in Osage City, KS to your presentation site. This includes standard mileage reimbursement from my home to Kansas City Int'l Airport when applicable. I practice good stewardship when traveling, keeping travel costs at a minimum where possible.

AV Needs

I need two microphones and two stands, each for vocal and guitar. Though I can provide Power Point for my presentations, it is optional. I can provide a jump drive with Power Point enhancements if requested.

I ask that the sponsor provide a resource table for informational materials and products which include my book, Engage! 28 Creative Enrichment Experiences for Older Adults, and my CDs - The Person in the Picture Ain't Me and Find Me. As part of the speaker fee negotiation, you may want to consider purchasing a bulk supply of my CDs as part of a take-away for your constituents. The CDs normally sell for $15.00 apiece, but I would offer a greatly reduced bulk-rate according to the number of constituents.

Resource Table